Brazilian Credit Enviroment

Presents unique opportunity

The Brazilian non-performing loan market presentes an unique business and investment opportunity. Credit in Brazil has been growing at a 20% CAGR since 2005, accompanied by a slight increase in NPL ratio.

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Jive's Management Team

Highly regarded professionals in the credit industry

Jive’s local management team includes highly regarded professionals in the credit industry, especially NPLs, all with equity incentives in Jive.

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Investment Opportunities

We are actively looking for new Investments

Jive Investment Strategy: Jive team is actively looking for further opportunities to acquire single name non-perfoming loans and credit portfolios and to invest in special distressed situations.

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Our Edge

  • Respected Player in the Market
  • Structuring and Execution Expertise
  • Loan Servicing Platform
  • 360° Credit-Recovery Process
  • Expansive Network

Work with us

We are currently hiring for our annual intern program – a 18-months rotation program among all the areas of Jive Investments. If you are interested in participating, please candidate yourself via the Companhia de Talentos link below.

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Jive News

Inadimplência alta incentiva mercado de “crédito podre”

Folha de São Paulo - 25 de Agosto de 2015

A estatal Emgea está de olho no crescente interesse de empresas especializadas em recuperar "créditos podres no Brasil.

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